Nitro-Tech Hardcore Whey Protein Supplement Review

If you want information on building muscle in as little time as possible read the reviews in this article and decide for yourself if Nitro-Tech Hardcore Whey Supplement is for you. This article will mostly give reviews on Nitro-Tech Hardcore Whey Pro Series, which is its newest line of whey supplements.

My Experience with Nitro-Tech:

This is the number one selling protein in the world today. I tried both of the Old Nitro-Whey isolate and the new series with both resulting in me achieving a more defined body in only 2-3 months.

These were my concerns before trying these supplements
• Taste good
• Contained good supplement information
• Has no adverse side effects

Nitro-Tech mixed well with my system of mixing 8-10 glasses of milk with my protein shakes. They do come in different flavors but I like chocolate and theirs was okay. There are sometimes I rather not eat after a workout session and have found that mixing things like bananas, peanuts, with skim meal can be a very delicious, healthy shake.

I was impressed that Nitro-Tech offered as much as 25g of good whey protein per scoop. I unusually use 1-1/2 scoops of Nitro-Tech per drink, once in the morning and once in the evening right after a workout. I only use one scoop on days that I do not workout.

After using Nitro-Tech Hardcore Protein for some time, I noticed an increase in muscle endurance. My workout regime consists of strength training, running, and hitting the bags at the gym. I found that I was a lot less tired after my workouts and I recovered a lot faster than I usually do. In addition, I experienced less soreness and more energy.

I know that this whey protein is of good quality and was not surprised at that it was so expensive. It comes in a four-pound tube that can last you about to 2-3 weeks if using a minimum of two scoops, twice a day, which can be rather expensive at that rate.

In addition to how expensive the Nitro-Tech Hardcore Protein was my only other negative take on it is that it caused me to have a lot of gas. You do not want to be in closed spaces when taking this one! However, aside from all those things I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality whey protein that will give them some very noticeable muscle development.